Vicki Gaia

mixed-media artist

Zen-aesthetics is my interpretation of the sensibilities and principles used in the creation of Zen Gardens: Fukinsei (Asymmetry), Kanso (Simplicity), Koko (Lofty Dryness), Shizen (Naturalness), Yugen (Deep Reserve), Datsuzoku (Freedom from Attachment), Seijaku (Energized Calm). The photographs in these works of art are original and are close-ups of nature. Many of the papers are Japanese or in the style of Japanese papermaking. Like my other works of art, I love layering and using found objects that show the passage of time. Materials used in these collage wall reliefs are resin with pea gravel, Japanese papers, wire, rusted objects, original photos, wood, and wax.


Sizes are approx. 17" x 17"x 3"  (Wx HxD) give or take a couple of inches.

Deep Reserve (Yugen)

Naturalness (Shizen)

Energized Calm (Seijaku)

Freedom From Attachment (Datsuzoku)

Lofty Dryness (Koko)

Simplicity (Kanso)

Asymmetry (Fukinsei)

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