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Creating A New Series

Updated: May 26, 2019

Nothing is more exciting than starting a new project. I like to work in multiples. This way I don't get attached to my works. From Earth Tracts from Beyond I am moving into a more quiet, zen approach to my surface sculptures. The first phase is research as you can see from the pages of my art journal. The pictures from the bottom photo are from an incredible book: ZEN Gardens: The Complete Work of Shunmyo Masuno. There are seven characteristics particular to zen arts.


1. Asymmetry (fukinsei)

2. Simplicity (kanso)

3. Lofty Dryness (koko)

4. Naturalness (shizen)

5. Deep Reserve (yugen)

6. Freedom from Attachement (datsuzoku)

7. Tranquility (seijaku)

#newartseries #zengardens #zen

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