• Vicki Gaia

The mystery of the number 7

I finished my 7th and last art wall sculpture in my Zen-aesthetics series. It feels so good to be done. Now I can proceed to my next 7...(go to my Zen-aesthetics page to see my last two pieces)

Why did I choose 7 in my current series - Seven Reasons We Are Captivated by the Number Seven is an interesting blog post that list the reasons that humankind has a soft spot for this number. For me, it's the number that comes up often when I'm reading about mystical and/or spiritual principles that I want to express in my work.

My next project I'm moving to 24 x 24 wood panels (from 12 x 12) = exponentially more area and therefore a real challenge for me. I'm formulating in my brain the 7 Hermetic Principles that I hope to express in my next series. So stay tune!

To read this article about the psychology behind the number 7 press here