Vicki Gaia

Mixed media & collage artist

For centuries, a variety of shapes have been part of human spiritual and religious symbolism. Natural and manmade forms are used by many cultures to represent diverse meanings. Melquist and Gaia’s sculptures are symbolic geometric forms evoking thoughts about our connections with the world around us. While Melquist uses technical processes learned from working as a materials engineer, Gaia calls herself an intuitive layerist, taking a more meditative approach to her work. Together they created 3-D art pieces from the same materials; plaster, rust and found objects gathered from their cousin’s vineyard.


Included in the Shapes exhibition:

Earth Tracts from Above (# 1-13) derives from imagining aerial views of Earth and the human impact on abandoned sites. I am fascinated by the history of natural and manmade textures such as crumbling walls, rusted steel objects, and decaying surfaces. Objects long past their original use still exist to tell their stories.

Sizes are 12" x 12" x 3"ish in depth

Earth Tracks No. 1 VGaia.jpg
Earth Tracks No. 12 VGaia.jpg